Scott L. Montgomery

Author, Teacher, Lecturer


I am an author and professor with interests in the sciences and humanities.  A geologist by training, with an undergraduate degree in English, I work on ideas and issues related to energy, history, language, communication, and education. These are subjects reflected in my books, the courses I teach at the University of Washington (Seattle), the talks I give in varied settings, and my consulting work. Please feel free to look around, sample what's here. This is a simple website; what you see is what you get. You can contact me at any time with questions, feedback, or inquiries. I will have a blog up soon.

About the images

All of the photographs on this site are by Timothy O'Sullivan, taken in the 1870s on U.S. Geological Survey expeditions to explore the region between the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains. O'Sullivan is  one of the great photographers of the 19th c., an inspiration for Ansel Adams and many others who came later. The quiet and voiceless monumentality of his images, focusing on geologic phenomena, show a world of the West before roads, parks, cattle, and ubiquitous sagebrush.  These photos show us a West before Romanticism, not bleak or empty but resistant to the imagination, ahuman, the West in other words before it was mythologized.