The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science.  Second Edition.  Publication:  2014 - 2015

Consequences of Mind:  Ideas and the Making of the Modern World.  co-authored with Dan Chirot.   Publication:  2014

A History of Science in World Cultures

Voices of Knowledge  


Routledge     ISBN:  9780415639842     

Publication:  Spring, 2014               Co-author:  Alok Kumar

Modern science has deep roots in the knowledge of premodern civilizations. This book presents an engaging, factual, and fairly detailed tracing of the global origins of science and technology. Beginning with Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China, it continues to Greece and Islam, with a side trip to Mesoamerica. Entering Europe in the late Medieval and Renaissance periods, this diverse, pluricultural base of knowledge, spanning mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, medicine, and more, acted as essential nutrients for the Scientific Revolution.

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            University of Chicago Press

University of Chicago Press    ISBN:  9780226535036     

May 2013                 

A path-breaking book about the present and future of science. Modern scientific endeavor has entered a new era:  for the first time in history, it has a global tongue. Is this a good thing for research, or not? What benefits and drawbacks does it bring?  What forces have conspired to bring it about? What does it suggest about the global future of research? These questions have enormous importance for every scientist living and unborn, but especially for the millions who must learn English to participate in the new global age.  By examining the reality of English in research  today, how and why it gained its role, its implications for training, and--not least--major lingua franca in the past, Montgomery illuminates this daily dimension of scientific life. 

Does Science Need a Global Language?

English and the Future of Research

University of Chicago Press    ISBN:  9780226535036     
April 2010                

​Energy is the basis for modern society--food, water, shelter all depend on it directly. What is the nature of our energy landscape today and where might it be headed? Montgomery cuts through the hype, alarmism, and confusion to give an informed account of realities and choices the world faces. Eloquent and even-handed, he evaluates each energy source while analyzing the roles of geopolitics, technology, climate change, public opinion, and government action. No other book is so thorough and thus indispensable to grasping the issues, realities, and possible solutions to what we face in this critical realm.

"An unconventional, lucid, pragmatic, and thought-provoking discussion of the present global energy situation. Written in plain language by a knowledgeable source...brings new clarity and insights to the table...Highly recommended."CHOICE - Outstanding Title for 2011

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Powers that Be

Global Energy for the 21st Century & Beyond

University Chicago Press  SBN: 9780226534848    February 2003

A quality guide  on crafting every sort of scientific message, from research papers and conference talks to grant proposals, review articles, interviews with the media, and more. An experienced scientific author, Montgomery focuses on how skilled writers and speakers actually learn their craft--by imitating and adapting good models. Moving step-by-step through samples from a wide variety of scientific disciplines, he shows precisely how to choose and employ such models, how to structure a paper or talk, how to revise, how to create and use effective visuals, and more.

“Montgomery has written a masterful, concise guide, dense with all the information needed by...any scientist who prepares findings for presentation in any form.”      A.W. Gotta, Jour. of the Amer. Med. Assoc.

"I am pleased to recommend this straightforward, realistic, and accessible guide, which is written with elegance and humor...” George B. Kauffman, Chemical Educator

The Chicago Guide to Communicating Science

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University Chicago Press  ISBN: 9780226534800    June 2000

In this innovative work, Scott L. Montgomery explores the diverse roles that translation has played in the development of science from antiquity to the present—from the Arabic translations of Greek and Latin texts whose reintroduction to Europe was crucial to the Renaissance, to the origin and evolution of modern science in Japan.

"[A] book of great richness, as much for its examples as for its ideas, which keenly illustrate the development of knowledge across languages and epochs. It is a book to read and reread. Its subject is important; it is ours, it is our history." - Andre Clas, Meta: Journal des Traducteurs

“Scott L. Montgomery’s Science in Translation is the first to do such studies. It is an extremely important book in the world of science and the world of translation studies." Xu Jianzhong, Babel

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Science in Translation

Movements of Knowledge Through Cultures and Time

The Moon and the Western Imagination

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"Beneath the easy reading style lies a work of substance...a penetrating contribution to cultural history."    Publisher’s Weekly

"...contributes a fascinating study to the history of ideas...a work that is both scholarly and well written, and one highly recommended to everyone with an the relationship between science and the imagination."  J. British Astron. Assoc.

University of Arizona Press  ISBN:  978-0-8165-1989-7     September 1999

A richly detailed analysis of how the Moon has been visualized in Western culture through the ages, by philosophers, writers, artists, and scientists.  Ultimately, we find that the Moon has never wandered far in mind from the world we know best. When humanity finally takes up some form of residence on the lunar surface, it will not be conquering a New World, fresh and unknown, but a much older one, ripe with history.

"With humankind's thoughts, feelings and beliefs projected upon the Moon as its focus, this wonderful book—masterful in scope, rich in detail, and a pleasure to read—takes the reader on a sometimes surprising and often fascinating and enlightening journey across the arts and sciences."   David Topper, Leonardo

Guilford Press  ISBN:  978-1572300194   November 1995

Examining the discourse of science across time and cultures, this book draws from a range of sciences, he shows how the choice of language and metaphors can lead to powerful connections with theory and discovery. This is illustrated through a close look at military metaphors in biomedicine, comparison between Japanese and English science, a fascinating inquiry into the English translation of Freud's work, and more.

"Each chapter makes an original contribution to our understanding of the nature and diversity of the discourse of science.”             Isis

"This is an exciting and imaginative book. Montgomery treats a number of areas that are not well covered in the history of science... His scholarship is wide-ranging and his insights are often important, always surprising. I recommend this book highly."  Albert Van Helden, Rice University

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Guilford Press  ISBN:  978-0898621891   February 1994

The world knows America as a land of science, but scientific subjects fought long and hard to find their place in U.S. education. As shown by curriculum debates from the time of its founding, as well as their relationship to evolving social conditions, the U.S. has always taken a special view of education, different from Europe, seeing it as the continual rebirth of society and an origin of moral norms. Science did not fit easily into this belief system, particularly in the wake of Darwin. Understanding how this changed involves understanding how the U.S. itself became a modern society, and what education has to say about modernity .

“A vivid account of conflicting aims over the changing theory and practice of education and the importance of science as an agent for economic and social change...Provocative in thought but graceful in style...a remarkably enlightening book...”   Library Journal

“Minds for the Making is a major contribution that deeply and critically informs the evolution, philosophy, and practice of science education in America.”    Roger G. Olstad

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Available Spring 2014

The Scientific Voice

Essays on Language in Science

Scott L. Montgomery



Just Published

Minds for the Making

The Role of Science in American Education 1750-1990

All Guts, No Glory

The sad, hilarious, and ultimately tragic tale of a first time, last time Little League coach  (An E-Book) 

You are the middle-aged father of a star athlete.  Like thousands of other courageous dads across America, you have signed up to coach his little league team. What you don't know is that you have also just signed away your self-respect and the chance to enjoy a middle age untroubled by the deepest humiliations. Your team, no thanks to your inexperience, will lose every game of the season. No help is offered by absurd meditations on Plato, Shakespeare, or memories of your own (fatherless) childhood. Still, the people come through--the kids, parents, umpires, other coaches. Here then is a story of insight, humor, and also reflection about the meaning of youth sports in America.  Part memoir, part comedy, and part social critique, All Guts, No Glory never ceases to inspire laughter and contemplation.

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