Seeing The Light

Seeing the light the case for Nuclear power in the21st century

“…an accessible and well-written book that could not be more timely…It merits broad reading by anyone interested in the future of energy.” Hans Blix, past director, International Atomic Energy Agency

“…by far the best book on the subject yet written. We need its authoritative perspective for the difficult transition we face today away from carbon energy.” Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize for The Making of the Atomic Bomb

If we are truly serious about climate change and reducing the lethal impacts of carbon energy use, nuclear power is not an option but an absolute necessity. It is therefore time for a broader understanding of this key source of electricity—what it is, how it works, what its safety record shows (the actual numbers), how its waste can be handled, where it is growing, its economic issues, new technologies being built and developed, and, not least, the history and psychology of public fear. All of these topics and more are fully covered in plain language by this book.

There is a critical need for people to become informed about this source of noncarbon energy now in a new era of worldwide growth. Seeing the Light is the one book able to serve the purpose.

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