The Chicago Guide To Communicating Science

The chicago guide to communicating science

“Montgomery’s Chicago Guide to Communicating Science has all the authority one would expect from the publishers of The Chicago Manual of Style. . . . [He] covers with scholarly grace topics ranging from writing scientific papers and grant proposals to preparing articles for the general public.” –Chris Quigg, Physics Today

Whether you are a graduate student or a senior scientist, your reputation rests on the ability to communicate your ideas and data. In this straightforward and accessible guide, Scott L. Montgomery uses examples from a wide variety of scientific disciplines to show precisely how good writing is achieved and can be achieved by anyone wanting to improve her or his ability. Written with humor and grace, this book provides a unique guide that covers:

  • Writing scientific papers, abstracts, grant proposals, technical reports, and articles for the general public
  • Using graphics effectively
  • Surviving and profiting from the review process
  • Preparing oral presentations
  • Dealing with the press and the public
  • Publishing and the Internet
  • Writing in English as a foreign language

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